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Successful Writer Conference

2017 Workshops & Keynotes

Vonda Skelton Keynotes

    Writers are Weird! (AKA The Writer’s Brain)
Let’s face it, we writers are a weird bunch. We just don’t see life through the same eyes as our friends and family. And that can be a blessing…or a curse.

Closed Doors and Open Invitations: Have You Misread God’s Will?
In writing, and in life, we often believe the lie that God’s will simply comes to pass, that if He wants us to do something, all we have to do is walk through the doors He opens. It’s a good thing Paul didn’t believe that lie.

Vonda Skelton Workshops

       Laughter is Serious Business:  Using Humor in Your Writing
In his blog post, The Secret to Writing Humor, Brent Diggs states, “Nearly every tool of comedy is denied to the writer.” In this workshop, you’ll learn how to find humor in daily life, as well as humor-writing techniques to help you bring laughter through your written words.

  How to Have Magazine Editors Calling YOU!

    Hate writing query letters? Don’t want to wait years to see your name in print? Writing magazine articles can be a quick, dependable way to earn a monthly income. Follow this formula for writing top-notch articles and you’ll soon have magazine editors begging you for more!

James Pence

Writing and the Sovereignty of God
Think your words are insignificant just because you're not a "bestseller"? Writing and the Sovereignty of God tells the story of how God used an out-of-print novel to turn a man's life around. When James Pence’s novel, Blind Sight, didn’t meet sales expectations, he became discouraged. However, James prayed that God would use the book in someone’s life. Several years later, James learned how God took a single page from his novel and changed a man’s life. This message is a reminder to all of us that, even though we may not see immediate results from what we are doing, God takes our efforts and uses them for His glory.

How to Write a Page-Turner (Fiction or Nonfiction)
"I couldn't put your book down!" Those are words that authors love to hear. Is a "page-turner" something that just happens? Or are there things that you can do as a writer to make your books the kind that keep people reading into the night? James Pence shares techniques he uses in writing suspense novels and nonfiction memoirs that have earned his books the nickname, "page-turners."

Becoming a Collaborator/Ghostwriter (Or How to Make a Living Helping Other People Write Books)
Are you interested in making a living with your writing? You might want to consider collaborating or ghostwriting. Since about 2010 James Pence has focused on helping other people write their books. In the process he discovered that he could make a living doing that. But how to you break in to collaborating? In this workshop, Jim shares how he got started and how you can, too.

James will also conduct a presentation using a chalk drawing.

RJ Thesman

Setting and Reaching Your Writing Goals
Are you ready to reach your writing goals, but you're not sure how to begin? Learn how to work smarter and overcome the distractions that sabotage forward progress. Be aware of the 4 S's that keep you from reaching your goals. Discover the timeline that produces results and learn how to focus on the goals you want to accomplish.

Finding Your Writing Plan
Are you struggling with time management because you don't know what to write and when? Maybe you need to find your specific writing plan. Learn about the various options and choose the plan that will work best for you.

39 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic
So you've finally launched your blog but you only have five followers and four of those are in your family. How do you convince more people to follow you? Try these practical tips and watch your fan base grow.

Lindsey Bell

Ideas for a Successful Book Launch
Are you ready to share your book with the world but unsure how to do it? This workshop will provide 13 tips to help you launch your book into the world.

Blogging Basics
If you've ever wanted to start a blog but didn't know how, this is the workshop for you. Lindsey helps you get started, as well as provides tips to make your blog more effective.

Social Media 101
Social Media has now become an important part of an author's life. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming, too. In this workshop, Lindsey will take the stress out of social media and help you learn how to make it work for you as an author.